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Red-tail Cocky Count

  • South East of South Australia and South-west Victoria. (map)

BirdLife Australia and the Recovery Team are looking for volunteers to assist with the  annual count for the nationally endangered South-eastern Red-tailed Black-Cockatoo. 

The count will be held on Saturday 5 May across the cockatoo’s range in the South East of South Australia and South-west Victoria. 

We are seeking as many volunteers as possible to help search for Red-tails across more than sixty sites in stringybark forest, from Keith to Mount Gambier in SA and Nelson to Little Desert National Park in Victoria.  
Participating is easy – all you need is a partner/friend or group, binoculars, a love of the outdoors and a vehicle (preferably a 4WD). Volunteers will cover their allocated site via vehicle, looking and listening out for the distinctive ‘karak-karak’ call of the cockatoo. 
Volunteers need no prior experience with surveying for birds but are required to become familiar with what Red-tails look and sound like. Read here for more information, and learn about how you can get involved if you are a landowner. 

You can register for the count online here. Or contact Bronwyn Perryman on 1800 262 062 or via email for more information.